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Self-employed apply for new dole 21.11.19

MORE than 50 formerly self-employed people have been awarded Jobseeker’s Benefit since the introduction of a new scheme earlier this month.
A total of 116 applications for the ‘self-employed dole’ were lodged in the first two weeks of the scheme which began on November 1.
The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection confirmed that 53 of the applications have since been granted.
A number of applications have been refused but others are awaiting decision.
“During the first two weeks of the new scheme, the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection has received 116 applications for Jobseeker’s Benefit for the Self-Employed,” said a spokesperson.
“Of the 116 claims, 53 were awarded and 15 were disallowed. The remaining 48 claims are awaiting decision. “
The benefit was given the green light by the Government last year, some ten years after the economy crashed leaving thousands of self-employed people without work and “with very little support from the State”.
It is paid to successful applicants, with 260 or more PRSI contributions, for a period of nine months or six months to those with fewer.
Rates of pay are the same as regular Jobseeker’s Benefit with a personal rate of €203 per week and increases for qualified adults and children.
A person’s self-employment must have completely ceased so temporary closure of a business or seasonal reduction will not be covered.
The new scheme is expected to cost €31 million in 2020 - its first full year of operation.
The Department yesterday said it is committed to processing applications “as quickly as possible”.
“In line with the existing Jobseeker’s Benefit scheme, it is expected that these new claims for the self-employed will generally be processed within one week of receipt where all the necessary information is provided,” the spokesperson added.
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