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Dogs nearly die after eating artificial sweeteners 13.08.19

TWO pet dogs were discovered close to death after eating artificial sweeteners belonging to their owner.
A Galway veterinary practice has issued an urgent warning to pet owners to keep artificial sweeteners and foods containing them out of reach as they are “highly toxic” to dogs.
Briarhill Veterinary Clinic said the dogs’ owner had discovered the pets’ plight within two hours of them ingesting the sweeteners.
But the effects of poisoning were well underway and the two animals, a terrier and lab-retriever, were found vomiting, shaking and wobbling on their feet.
The Ballybrit practice said the pets were “on the brink of death” after the incident which happened within the past week.
These two dogs were on the brink of death after eating artificial sweeteners.
The battle to save the two dogs also included follow-up intensive care at another local veterinary practice, Ark Vets Galway.
“These two scoundrels got into their owner’s artificial sweetener (xylitol) they had just bought,” a spokesperson for Briarhill Veterinary Clinic said.
“Artificial sweetener is highly toxic to dogs. It causes severe low blood sugar. Both dogs were swiftly admitted which began a long five days of treatment at both ourselves for the first night and @arkvetsgalway for the next four days.”
The practice added that it was a “close call” for the two pooches.
“These owners want to make people aware (of) the seriousness of artificial sweetener toxicity. Artificial sweetener can (also) be found in chewing gum, some sweets and some drinks.
“Thankfully due their owners swift thinking they pulled through the many potential life-threatening problems they encountered over the few days.”
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