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Lotto jackpot set to top €11.5m 21.08.19

LOTTO fever continues to grip Inishowen as Wednesday’s Lotto jackpot rolls to a mega €11.5 million – the highest level in over two years. The massive jackpot on offer has been rolling since Wednesday 12th June and if won, would be the 15th highest single Lotto jackpot won in the history of the game in Ireland.
Ahead of tonight’s mega draw, the National Lottery has also confirmed that an incredible €18.8 million will have been raised for good causes in the current Lotto jackpot roll-over series. This fund has been used to support worthwhile causes and local community projects across the country.
So far this year, over €82.3 million has been won in prizes in the Lotto game which includes 13 new millionaires. The last Lotto jackpot was won, on Saturday 8th June, by a lucky Galway man who received over €4 million.
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