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Your hands can save a life 26.03.19

THE Irish Heart Foundation has launched a new free community CPR training programme, Hands for Life. The programme was launched in Dublin by heroic nurse Aoife McGivney who recently intervened and saved the life of a bus driver who was suffering a cardiac emergency.
Hands for Life will offer free CPR training to 100,000 people in local communities throughout Ireland over the next two years. People in Inishowen can sign up for the training course on the 3rd April 2019 in Letterkenny Central Library at 10:30am, 12pm or 2pm by visiting www.HandsForLife.ie .
Hands for Life training course on the 3rd April 2019 in Letterkenny Central Library. Visit www.HandsForLife.ie to sign up.
Hands for Life training courses are free and open to all adults aged 18 and over. Communities, groups and clubs in Inishowen who have 30 or more people interested in a free Hands for Life training course can contact the Irish Heart Foundation directly on 01 668 5001 or handsforlife@irishheart.ie to arrange a training course in their local area.
Speaking at the launch, Aoife McGivney said “The day started out like any other for me, getting on the bus to work in the morning. But before long, I found myself on the footpath on O’Connell Street performing CPR on the bus driver. Thankfully, he survived and nobody was hurt. I was lucky enough to know what to do in the situation and my training kicked in instinctively. I know first-hand how important it is to know CPR and that it can be the difference between life and death. I hope that others will be inspired by my story to learn CPR through the Irish Heart Foundation’s Hands for Life free community CPR training courses."
The training course takes just under one hour to complete and attendees will learn:
• How to recognise a cardiac arrest
• How to perform compressions, including hands-on practice on a CPR training manikin
• How to use an AED (Automated External Defibrillator)
• How to respond to a choking emergency
• How to recognise a stroke
Tim Collins, CEO of the Irish Heart Foundation, said “Every day in Ireland 13 people die from a cardiac arrest. Around 70% of these happen at home in front of a loved one. If there is someone nearby who knows CPR and can start performing compressions quickly, you can double or even triple a person’s chances of survival.
“At the Irish Heart Foundation, we are on a mission to save lives. We want to create a nation of lifesavers by training as many people as possible in the lifesaving skill of CPR.”
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