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Gardaí advise on need for vetting compliance 09.05.19

AN Garda Síochána is advising statutory, voluntary and community organisations in Inishowen that work with children and vulnerable people of the need, for them, to be compliant with vetting legislation.
Deputy Commissioner, Policing and Security, John Twomey said that the Garda National Vetting Bureau has established a compliance unit that will be conducting regular checks on organisations to ensure they are adhering to their statutory obligations.
"Vetting is a core policing function. And that function is the protection of children and vulnerable people. As such, vetting can be seen as often the first line of defence in keeping children and vulnerable people safe. That is why we take such care to make sure we get our vetting right,” said Deputy Twomey.
"In the first instance, the focus of compliance will be to promote best practice amongst relevant organisations, for example, through the facilitation of knowledge sharing amongst relevant organisations where good practice has been established."
"But where there are significant and repeated failings then investigations will take place and prosecutions may be recommended.” added Deputy Twomey.
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