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Food Coast Experiences launched in Donegal 23.05.18

THERE is more to Donegal than spectacular scenery and wonderful wildness, because it is the food you’ll eat here and the people you meet here that makes Donegal such a special place to visit.
Donegal’s Food Coast Experiences - an exciting range of food-related events – launched in Castlegrove House this week, combines not just celestial cuisine using the county’s rich parlour of ingredients, but also memorable moments that visitors will cherish.
Food producers and businesses from across Donegal pictured at the launch of the Food Coast Experiences in Castlegrove Country House this week.
“Food plays an intrinsic role in the visitor experience and the series of food events planned for Donegal this year will offer extraordinary experiences celebrating Donegal food and its champions,” said Michael Tunney, Head of Enterprise in Donegal.
He added that through the Food Coast Initiative, the Local Enterprise Office has tried to impress on Donegal’s producers and food outlets over the past few years that offering a wide range of food offerings will help the county secure a greater share of that tourism food spend – adding that the tourists can just as equally be locals and visitors from within the county as those from outside Donegal.
"Our aim, when we launched the Food Coast Experiences, was to develop a calendar of food events that offers an experience celebrating Donegal food and its champions." he said.
Mr Tunney added the Food Coast was truly delighted with the range and diversity of ideas this year, suggesting it was clear evidence that those working in the food sector are keen to build on the calendar of events to make it even better year on year.
“The stakeholders have really grasped the opportunity to add to the Donegal food story and really expand on the potential it has for all involved,” he concluded.
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