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Ireland has fourth highest ‘flu jab’ uptake in Europe 12.12.19

IRELAND has one of the highest uptakes of the flu vaccination among Europeans over the age of 65, new statistics show.
Almost 58 per cent of Irish people in this age category have received the 'flu jab', placing us fourth highest on the league table.
The UK was ranked highest at just over 72 percent, followed by The Netherlands (64 per cent) and Portugal (61 per cent).
The figures, released yesterday by Eurostat, show that the lowest uptake of flu vaccination was in Estonia (5 per cent) followed by Latvia (7 per cent) and Slovenia (12 per cent).
The European average rate was just over 44 per cent in 2017, the latest year for which data is available.
Ranking mid-table were countries including Italy (52 per cent); France (50 per cent) and Denmark (41 per cent). Some 35 per cent of Germans aged 65 and over, received the vaccination.
Meanwhile, the HSE’s influenza surveillance report shows that there have been no reports of flu deaths in Ireland so far this season, which began in October and runs until May.
However, some 186 confirmed cases of hospitalisation were notified.
Nine patients with confirmed influenza were admitted to critical care units since the start of the flu season.
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