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DylanFest spreads its wings 19.08.19

THE 13th annual festival of Bob Dylan music, the DylanFest on the Lough, is spreading its wings. For the first time it will take place in four different towns – Moville, Culdaff, Greencastle and Derry. The programme of events will run from August 22nd to 25th August 2019.
There will be 19 different gigs in seven venues in four locations and it will go on for four days. Three of those venues will be in Moville, two in Culdaff, one in the quaint fishing village of Greencastle and one in Derry.
Gerry McLaughlin, festival organiser, explains, “The great thing about having a Dylan festival is that you don’t have to sell the man. You just need to let people know that it is on and they come.”
Organiser Gerry McLaughlin, back in 2007, at the first DylanFest in Moville.
In its first year, in 2007, news of DylanFest was on national radio. A Canadian couple, who were touring Ireland and heard about it, stopped at the next petrol station and asked "Where’s Moville?", turned their car around and headed straight for it. Another guy came all the way from San Francisco. There have been many international visitors ever since.
This year Gerry has pulled off a coup by getting an act who sold out the Space Triplex complex at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival to come and perform at this year’s DylanFest. The show is called 'When Judas Meets John' and looks at the lives and music of Bob Dylan and John Lennon and how they interacted and inspired each other.
Back again this year is arguably the best Dylan act in the world, Al Diesan from Sardinia in Italy. He and his wife have to take six flights, four buses and two taxis to get to Moville and back again.
Another performer is New Yorker, Michael Thomas, a virtuoso guitarist, who now lives in Portstewart on the other side of Lough Foyle from Moville.
“This year we are trialling a gig in Derry. Michael Thomas will be playing it, so we think it will be a success and more Derry pubs will want in next year." said organiser Gerry.

DylanFest Programme of Events 2019
Thursday 22nd – Sunday 25th August
Moville (M), Culdaff (C), Greencastle (G), Derry (D)

Come Gather Round People Night (Thursday)
9:30pm – Rosatos (M) – Al Diesan

No Direction Home Night (Friday)
8pm – Corner Bar (M) – Egon Open Mic
9:30pm – Rosatos (M) – Dylan Quiz
9:30pm – McGrory’s (C) – Al Diesan
10pm – Foyle Hotel (M) – Shaun Hiboy
10:30 – Bennigan’s (D) – Michael Thomas
10:30 – McGuiness’s Bar (C) – Ryan O’Dochartaigh
11pm – Rosatos (M) – Egon

Mr Tambourine Man Night (Saturday)
4pm – Rosatos (M) – Outdoor Open Mic
9:30 – McGrory’s (C) – Cajun Moon
10pm – Ferryport Bar (G) – Al Diesan
10:30 – McGuinness’s Bar (C) – The Dylanites
10:30 – Rosatos (M) – Michael Thomas
10:30 – Corner Bar( M) – Egon & Frank
10:30 – Bennigan’s (D) – Swampcandy

Lay, Lady Lay Night (Sunday)
4pm – Rosatos (M) – Outdoor Open Mic
8pm – Corner Bar (M) – When Judas Met John
9:30 – McGrory’s (C) – Mr Jones
9:30 – Rosatos (M) – Al Diesan
9:30 – McGuinness’s Bar (C) – Michael Thomas

For more info see www.DylanFest.com or DylanFest Moville on Facebook.
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