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Passengers left stranded after airline collapse 17.02.19

SHOCKED passengers on the Flybmi service between Derry and London have vented their fury at being left stranded and out of pocket after the airline went into administration last night.
Work commuters, people hoping to visit family and holidaymakers have flocked to City of Derry Airport’s social media pages seeking advice and expressing outrage at the unexpected announcement.
Flybmi said that it had cancelled all its flights and filed for administration, citing fuel rises, carbon costs and uncertainty over Brexit.
One passenger who was due to fly from City of Derry Airport to London Stansted said she booked three flights in recent days with the airline and now doesn’t know if she’ll get her money back.
“I am so angry. I booked three flights this week to travel in the summer hols. I have contacted my bank about a refund. They can't confirm whether I will be able to get a refund. I paid via a debit card,” she said.
Another said: “Very sad to hear this. (I) was supposed to be flying in on Friday. (It) was great flight.”
City of Derry Airport.
A regular commuter on the service said he felt sorry for the several hundred airline staff members who were losing their jobs.
“It's a terrible loss, the service made such a difference to my work / homelife balance. The cabin crew were fantastic and I feel for those who have lost their jobs. I hope we get a service back soon with another airline,” he said.
Another added: “Hope the staff are ok. This is terrible news for the airport and the region.”
Many other passengers hoped another airline would take over the route as soon as possible.
“Would Aer Lingus regional be an option for that route?” asked one.
“Hope the staff are ok. This is terrible news for the airport and the region,” said another.
“Crikey, that's bad news for the workers for sure. But a more affordable airline is definitely needed. Quickly.”
The affected airline urged people to contact their card issuer to seek refunds. They also advised them to check with booking providers for alternative travel options. People with travel insurance were urged to see if they can claim back for cancelled flights.
Meanwhile, City of Derry Airport said it is “currently reviewing options for resuming the service with another airline as soon as possible”.
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