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Festival of Creative Chaos to mark Halloween in Moville 21.10.19

A FESTIVAL will take place in Moville later this week that aims to restore the traditional Celtic values of Halloween.
The Festival of Creative Chaos, including a performance by The Henry Girls, will take place on Saturday, October 26.
The event will hark back to “ancient times and ancient beliefs” when the annual celebration was known as All Hallow’s Eve or Oiche Shamhna.
The organisers say Halloween was traditionally a date in the calendar that was not about “market-fuelled consumption” or “shock and gore”.
Rather, it was a way of marking the strongly-held belief that “the veil between worlds was at its thinnest and movement between these worlds was possible”.
“It was a time surely of mischief, but good-humoured mischief with no intention to do harm. Celtic belief held that Samhain was the beginning of New Year. We have the opportunity to let go of all that no longer serves good purpose, all that is not conducive to life. The opportunity for great creativity arises,” a festival spokesperson said.
“At this time in our history as a species on the planet we are experiencing a time of great darkness and chaos and this can be very frightening. We believe, however, that now is the time to reach back to our ancient roots, our ancient wisdom that we collectively carry, and use this wisdom to enable us to see differently.”
The Festival of Creative Chaos will take place from 10am to 5pm at St Eugene’s Hall with an action-packed programme of events including talks by an Extinction Rebellion participant; climate and biodiversity discussions; fishing in the Foyle; music, poetry; zero-waste workshops, art and more. Everyone is welcome. See programme below...
Festival of Creative Chaos
10am Gathering Together

10.30am Welcome with music from Seoirse O’ Dochartaigh

10.45am The Climate and Biodiversity Emergency.
Speaker: Claire Thompson, Extinction Rebellion.
Please note: There will be ‘Inter-Species Empathy Games’ for children which will run parallel with Claire’s talk. Facilitated by Trish Murphy.

11.15am A Young Person’s Response to a Compromised Earth.
Speaker: Odhran Lafferty, student strike leader.

11.30am World Café Discussion and feedback

1pm Lunch

2pm The Four Directions Ceremony
Charo Lanao

2.45pm Workshops:
• Zero Waste and the Circular Economy.
Zero Waste North West.
• Re-Wilding The Foyle
Kevin Moore, local fisherman.
• Earth Rights.
Lynda Sullivan, Friends of the Earth
• Dreaming for Earth Through Art.
Odhran Lafferty
• The Pollinator Patch Plan.
Trish Murphy.

3.45pm Techno Peasant

4pm Workshop feedback with tea/coffee.

5pm Festival Close with The Henry Girls.

Poetic interludes will be provided by Kathryn Daly.
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