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Over a quarter of Irish electricity renewable EU report 24.09.18

MORE than a quarter of Ireland's electricity consumption came from renewable energy sources - slightly below the EU average in 2016, new figures show.
The report from Eurostat shows that 27.2% of electricity used in Ireland was produced by renewable sources that year compared to the European average of 30%.
The highest users of renewable electricity were the Austrians on 73% followed by Sweden (65%); Portugal and Denmark (both 54%) and Latvia (51%).
By contrast, four countries returned a rate below 10% including Cyprus (9%); Luxembourg and Hungary (both 7%) and Malta (6%).
Ireland also outperformed countries such as France (19.2%); Belgium (15.8%) and the Netherlands (12.5%) in the cleaner energy stakes.
Hydro power was the most important source of renewable energy, closely followed by wind power and solar power, the report shows.
"Other renewable sources for generating electricity include wood, biogas, renewable waste and geothermal energy," it states.
The new report comes following the announcement this month of 8m in Government funding for 45 "innovative energy projects" across Ireland.
Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Denis Naughten said: "This type of government funding significantly helps businesses and research institutions in the energy sector in Ireland to conduct world class research that will create jobs, build capacity and support innovation in clean energy.
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