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Margo targeted in fake orphanage scam 12.03.18

IRISH country legend Margo has revealed she was targeted by hackers trying to scam money from her loyal fans for a fake orphanage.
The Donegal star (67), who is the eldest sister of Daniel O’Donnell, said her Facebook page was hacked last month and warned followers that “any suspicious messages are definitely not from me”.
Some fans admitted they were nearly taken in by the ‘nasty’ scammers who called themselves ‘Margo Donegal’ and were looking for money and gift cards for needy orphans.
“At first, I believed them but not after they said they wanted gift cards,” one follower posted on the singer’s official page.
“And to scratch the silver line off and then text the code number to them so that they can then use it to buy things for the orphanage! By this time, I knew it was a stitch-up. They began by saying ‘thank you for all the likes and nice comments’ on your site.”
Margo, whose genuine Facebook account is ‘Margo – The Girl from Donegal’, assured fans she would never fundraise in this manner.
“I would never ask for money for orphanages or any other charity on social media,” the Monaghan-based singer added.
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