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Council to remove illegal roadside advertising 09.05.17

DONEGAL County Council has launched a blitz on illegal advertising signs along public roads.
The local authority today said it would begin removing "unsightly and hazardous" signs and hoardings in the coming weeks as the tourist season gets underway.
“We are keen to support the wonderful community efforts that have taken place over the last number of months,” says the council's director of roads and transportation, John McLaughlin.
“And the issue of illegal signage particularly along public roads including approach roads in our towns and villages has been highlighted by various Tidy Town committees and community groups. These signs are both unsightly and hazardous for road users and often clutter up both the roads and the footpaths,” he added.
Adverts along public roads require council approval in the form of a licence or planning permission. The council said it would target illegal signs tied or nailed to existing signs or poles; finger post B&B signs; sandwich boards; billboards; trailer-mounted signs and cars for-sale. Signs will be stored for up to six weeks to allow for their collection by owners.
Temporary signs for non-commercial local events will be allowed "subject to certain restrictions and provided they do not impact on road safety". The council is now urging the owners of unauthorised signs along public roads to remove them as soon as possible.
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