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Ride-on, see you...thieves target lawnmowers 06.06.17

GARDAÍ have urged homeowners to "lock up over the summer months" as new figures show that almost one-in-four break-ins from June to August happen through an unsecured door or window.
The analysis also shows that gardening equipment, tools and bikes are among the main targets for summer thieves. Some €32,100 worth of ride-on mowers were stolen last summer compared to €18,000 worth in winter. Smaller, less expensive tools such as con-saws and chainsaws, are stolen more frequently during summer while larger industrial power tools are more likely a winter target, the figures show. Gardaí said summer break-ins mostly likely occur between midnight and 4am and between noon and 3pm.
Sergeant Kelvin Courtney of the Garda Crime Prevention National Centre of Excellence said community police officers across the country would be active in advising people on how best to avoid break-ins.
"Don’t make the job of a burglar any easier for them – that’s the message," he said.
"We should make sure our homes look occupied when we’re away on holidays. Cancel deliveries, ask trusted neighbours to regularly check on your home and take away post. Regarding holiday plans, don’t advertise your itinerary on social media, post your holiday pictures when you return and don’t tag people in photographs without their permission. You could be letting people know their house is vacant.”
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