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Census confirms Donegal rental demand 11.05.17

PEOPLE moving house in Co Donegal are increasingly renting not buying properties, new Census figures show.
The figures show that most people who moved house in Co Donegal in 2015 were tenants, not buyers.
The statistics reveal that of the 2,520 Donegal households who moved in 2015, only 363 bought with a mortgage or loan while 1,712 households rented their accommodation.
The league table also shows that of a total population of 159,192 in Donegal in April 2016, some 43,414 people (27.3%) live in urban areas, with 115,778 people (72.7%) living in rural areas.
This is practically the opposite of the national picture where 62.7% live in urban areas and 37.3% in rural areas.
Nationally too, 263,551 residents moved home in the year to April 2016.
Meanwhile, Letterkenny, with 19,274 residents, remains the largest town in Co Donegal. But the fastest growing town in percentage terms is Donegal Town, which experienced 0.42% population growth between 2011 and 2016.
The figures are part of today's Census 2016 release called Profile 2: Population Distribution and Movements.
Central Statistics Office senior statistician Deirdre Cullen said: "This is the second of our thematic census releases and sheds further light on how the population has changed over the past five years."
The census results tally with the latest figures from showing a growing supply and demand issue for rental properties in Donegal.
They show that rents were on average 14.1% higher in the first three months of 2017 than a year previously. The average advertised rent in Co Donegal is now 593 monthly, up 22% from its lowest point. The average national rent stands at 1,131 - a new all-time high.
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