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Majella calls for mental health classes in schools 22.11.17

CAMPAIGNER Majella O'Donnell has called on the Government to put mental health classes on the school curriculum.
The mother and grandmother (57) who has bravely spoken about her lifelong battle with depression, said teaching children to look after their emotional wellbeing will be 'critical' to the health of future generations.
Three years ago, Majella co-founded a mental health charity, Donegal Mind Wellness, which has helped more than 3,000 people tackle stress in their lives.
The HSE-supported charity runs a free course called 'Stress Control' that tackles debilitating symptoms like panic, irritability, hopelessness and increased reliance on alcohol or drugs.
Majella, wife of country music star Daniel, took to Twitter to call on the Department of Education to include mental health as a school subject.
"How long will it be before our government realises that looking after our mental health HAS to be taught in schools?" she told her almost 6,000-strong following.
"If we care for our future generations it is critical! #mentalhealth #Government, she added.
Majella O'Donnell.
Tipperary-born Majella has spoken on a number of occasions about her struggle with depression.
She previously described how she once rang social services in England terrified she wasn't coping as a mother to her two young children.
"Here I was with my two beautiful babies and I just couldn't cope. I felt like a three-year-old and I just phoned (social services) and said 'hands-up I can't cope, please will somebody come and help'," she said. Majella also believes she will need to take anti-depressants for the rest of her life.
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