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Fuel allowance top-up paid this week 02.10.17

MORE than 400,000 households will receive a fuel allowance welfare top-up this week to help them with their winter heating bills.
The annual scheme starts today and will see an extra €22.50 per week added to the payments of long-term welfare recipients including pensioners for the next 26 weeks until early April
Some recipients will, for the first time, have opted to receive the allowance in two lump sums, meaning they will get an extra €292.50 added to their usual payment this week. A second lump sum of the same amount will be paid in January. The move is designed to help people who must buy their fuel in bulk and pay up-front, such as those reliant on home heating oil.
The Department of Social Protection also urged people to contact their energy supplier as soon as possible if they run into difficulties paying their heating bills this season.
“Suppliers are required to offer you a payment plan where you are genuinely struggling to pay your bill. When agreeing to a payment plan the supplier must take your ability to pay into account and confirm with you that the payment plan is manageable,” the department said on its website.
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