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Daniel reveals quirky trick to calm restless legs 03.04.17

DANIEL O'Donnell has revealed he uses a cheap and simple trick to calm his restless legs in bed.
The clean-cut crooner (55) said he puts a bar of soap in the bottom of the bed which eases his jittery limbs after an energetic night on stage.
Singing star Daniel is among a growing band of people who swear by the home remedy for the discomfort of restless legs.
While not scientifically proven, some advocates think it is magnesium in soap that makes it work while others believe the soap releases soothing ions.
Devotees also suggest using soap containing natural oils like lavender for an added boost to the natural remedy.
The Donegal entertainer made his comments after divulging that he and wife Majella (56) have amassed "loads" of toiletries, mini-sewing kits and spa slippers from their many hotel visits.
"You know the wee bars of (hotel) soap? They are very good if you have Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)," Daniel told Saturday Live on BBC4.
He admitted the idea might seem controversial to some and he joked he might get “struck off” for uttering it. But he said the quack tip definitely works for him.
"Put (soap) in the bottom of your bed...it definitely gets rid (of it) if your legs are uneasy. I've done it (and) did it on the B&B show,” he said.
"Any bar of soap, down the bottom of the bed - there's something in the soap that calms your legs. There's a big documentary on Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)," Daniel added.
The singer, who begins an Irish and UK tour later this week, suggested that while he hasn't been officially diagnosed with RLS he suffers from "uneasy" legs while unwinding at night.
Daniel & Majella.
RLS can be a distressing condition with symptoms including a tingling sensation and a compelling urge to move the limbs. It can lead to floor pacing and disrupted sleep. Meanwhile, the singer also revealed he has a quirky use for hotel shower caps - covering things in the fridge.
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