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Bank Holiday road safety message after "truly horrific" week 29.07.16

DONEGAL County Council has issued a strong message urging an end to the "truly horrific" scenes of carnage on our roads.
In a statement released for the August Bank Holiday and following the worst week on Donegal's roads in years, the local authority said: "We as a community have had far too many tragedies, particularly road traffic collisions. No family should have to suffer the pain and loss of a loved one as a result of a road traffic collision. It should never be forgotten that behind every figure and statistic are real tragedies and real victims with real lives lost."
The statement continued: "Road safety is not issue for the authorities alone. Each one of us who use our roads can make a difference and should take a moment to reflect on how we use the roads and whether or not we could improve our driving and ensure that we do not become another bleak statistic — or the cause of one. These recent tragedies have changed countless lives forever."
Tragically, six people have lost their lives on Donegal roads in 2016 - five of those in the space of 48 hours this week.
Meanwhile, road safety officer Brian O’Donnell added: “August bank holiday marks one of the busiest and most dangerous weekends of the year on the roads. Far too many people have lost their lives on our roads and if the current trend continues, the RSA have said that 80 more people could lose their lives in preventable and unnecessary road collisions this year."
Mr O'Donnell urged drivers to be mindful of weather conditions; to reduce speed; never drink and drive; never drive while fatigued and for all car occupants to wear their seatbelt.
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