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Grants for Inishowen riverside dwellers 18.10.16

INLAND Fisheries Ireland is inviting applications for funding from individuals and groups in Donegal aimed at improving access to river, lake and sea angling.
A new €500,000 fund is available to support projects that will contribute to a "world class inland fisheries resource" nationally.
The fund is aimed specifically at capital improvement works with grants available for works such as clearing and fencing along rivers and lakes to allow access for angling; abled and disabled-friendly angling stands; car parks; walkways; footbridges and boat slipways.
All groups and individuals including local development associations, tidy towns, angling clubs are eligible to apply.
The scheme forms part of Inland Fisheries Ireland’s National Strategy for Angling Development.
Fisheries and angling is worth €836 million to the Irish economy annually and supports upwards of 11,000 jobs.
Head of Business Development at Inland Fisheries Ireland Suzanne Campion said: “We are now inviting applications for funding for ‘shovel ready’ projects in Donegal which will improve access to angling. This is a vital step in developing facilities for the 273,600 anglers currently in Ireland and the 163,000 international visitors who fished here in 2015.
"By improving access, we can help grow domestic participation in angling and encourage more visitors to our country every year," Ms Campion added.
For more information on the current funding call you can visit www.fisheriesireland.ie . The closing date for applications is Tuesday, November 8, 2016.
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