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Donegal pet charity reveals shock demands 11.01.16

A HORRIFIED Donegal animal charity has hit out at abusive callers who threaten to SHOOT their unwanted pets unless they are collected immediately.
Donegal Pet Rescue has issued an urgent appeal on social media calling for people to be patient with its overstretched volunteers and foster carers who are doing their best to cater for huge demand.
The non-profit service said volunteers had suffered a number of threats since Christmas from people trying to get rid of unwanted pets.
Donegal Pet Rescue appeal to everyone to please have patience.
"We appeal to everyone to please have patience. Our volunteers are not here to take abuse or threats from members of the public.
"Our volunteers have had several phone calls demanding that we help now or they will shoot or let the dog in question go to roam the streets.
"We at Donegal Pet Rescue would like to remind people that we are a voluntary organisation who are trying to help as many unwanted pets as we can," it told Facebook followers.
Another Donegal charity, Animals in Need, recently revealed that 13 pups were rescued from the pound on New Year's Eve.
All of them were taken to various foster homes in preparation for re-homing.
Meanwhile, Donegal Pet Rescue reminded people that it was reliant on the availability of foster space to cater for the high demand.
"Although we do offer a re-homing service it depends on the foster space available and on how quickly we re-home the dogs that are in our care.
"For stray dogs we do offer a service where we will advertise for the owner on our Facebook page and, contrary to popular belief, we are not a collection service for all animals found wandering.
"We would ask people to keep an eye on our page for dogs available for re-homing and to help share our lost and found album to help reunite pets," the charity added. It also urged people: "Please spay and neuter your pet and don't add to the problem."
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