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Jean Claude did Damme fine job – Enya 18.03.15

DONEGAL superstar Enya has revealed she gets a kick out of watching Hollywood action man Jean-Claude Van Damme do a death-defying splits to one of her songs.
The singer-composer (55) re-entered the American charts when her track 'Only Time' was used in a tongue-in-cheek TV commercial for Volvo trucks.
In the 2013 advert, Belgian action hero Van Damme does an epic splits between two moving Volvo articulated lorries at sunrise while Enya's classic 2000 hit plays in the background.
The YouTube clip of the advert went viral and has been viewed more than 82 million times.
"I thought it was fantastic," said Enya yesterday.
"It just worked - (it) bizarrely worked with (Jean) Claude Van Damme doing that fantastic stretch. It was just fun."
The star delighted fans this week by taking part in a Q&A session on social networking site Reddit.
She also revealed that two of her favourite television shows are 'Breaking Bad' and 'Vinyl' - the hit drama about New York's 1970s music scene, co-created by Martin Scorsese.
"Martin Scorsese does really great TV programmes and it's the earlier insight into what the record industry was really like, so it's quite fascinating," she said.
The Irish singer revealed she recently bought a contemporary new holiday villa in the south of France to add to a property portfolio that includes her permanent base, Manderley Castle in Dalkey, Co Dublin.
The multi-instrumentalist, whose real name is Eithne Ní Bhraonáin, also told the Reddit session that while piano is her first instrument, she also plays saxophone, accordion, tin whistle and "a little bit of cello".
She said her favourite classical composer is Rachmaninov while she also studied opera singing with Irish soprano Veronica Dunne.
However, the Gaeltacht-born musician said she had to quit opera after a year because "it would have changed (her) voice for singing".
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