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Hey people, leave those leverets alone 05.04.16

WILDLIFE groups have urged people to be careful when mowing or strimming the lawn for the first time this year after a baby hare was killed during grass cutting.
Animal Magic Wildlife Rescue in Co Limerick said the tiny leveret was hidden in long vegetation when it died but fortunately its brother had a lucky escape.
"Please be very careful when cutting long grass. This tiny leveret had a lucky escape. He was found after his sibling was killed when someone was grass cutting. He is only a couple of days old," the charity told Facebook followers.
The hare is one of Ireland’s oldest surviving mammals. It mainly breeds in the month of March hence, it is believed, the saying, ‘Mad as a March hare’.
Hares live above ground in ‘forms’ and their young are born open-eyed and fully furred after a 50-day gestation period. The leverets can move about soon after birth and are weaned at only 21 days old. However, their mortality rate is high with only one-in-five leverets surviving their first year, according to the Vincent Wildlife Trust.
Meanwhile, The Hogsprickle - Helping Hedgehogs animal welfare group posted a warning urging people to check for wildlife including baby rabbits and hedgehogs before cutting grass.
"Baby bunnies and hares are being born this time of the year. If you come across them please leave them alone.
"Mum is close and she will visit them to feed them. If they are in your garden just cover them back over. Make sure dogs can't get to them and leave them alone," the Co Clare charity advised.
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