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Donegal seasonal workers need support - TD 29.09.16

DONEGAL employers are finding it increasingly difficult to attract seasonal workers due to cuts in welfare, a TD has warned.
Deputy Thomas Pringle said seasonal workers are leaving the county because they don't have the security net that welfare provides in the off season.
Speaking during Leaders’ Questions yesterday he said: “...Without the security of income which the social welfare net provides, workers will migrate to more secure work often leaving Donegal entirely.
"This means when the season begins again employers cannot access a readily available workforce," he said.
"The issue is that in rural areas the only work available for some people is seasonal work. While seasonal workers would love to work full time, there isn’t that kind of work out there for them.”
Deputy Thomas Pringle.
Deputy Pringle said people needed "the security of income outside of work seasons" to provide for their families and "keep away from the ever encroaching poverty line”.
The Donegal T.D., called for the restoration of Farm Assist and its Income disregards, Jobseekers’ payments and subsidiary employment rates. "Changes would cost the State €45m, and would ensure that people can live and work within their local communities and be available when seasonal work starts again,” he added.
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