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Have your say on Donegal Local Property Tax 12.07.16

DONEGAL County Council is inviting submissions from members of the public on proposals to vary the basic rate of Local Property Tax (LPT) in Donegal in 2017.
The council wants to hear the public's views and opinions on any proposal to vary the rate of LPT and in particular, on the potential effects on households, individuals, businesses and indeed on council services.
Local Property Tax is an annual tax charged on all residential properties in Ireland and came into effect in 2013.
Local authorities may vary the basic rate within its own area by a maximum of 15%.
This means that Donegal County Council can either increase or decrease the rate of Local Property Tax in Donegal in 2017 by a maximum of 15% of the 2016 rate.
For example, if a house is valued under 100,000, the Local Property Tax in 2016 would have been 90. If the Local Property Tax rate is increased by 15%, this house owner will pay 103.50 in 2017 and if the Local Property Tax rate is reduced by 15%, then this house owner will pay 76.50 in 2017 and so on.
In a statement, the council said the money collected under the LPT "contributes towards the cost of providing a range of local council services including libraries, public lighting, road maintenance, housing services (and) fire services".
The deadline date for all submissions is the 19th August 2016 and submissions should be made in writing and emailed to or posted to Donegal County Council, LPT Submissions, County House, Lifford, Co. Donegal.
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