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Donegal people spend €21,000 on home improvements 08.07.16

DONEGAL homeowners spent an average of €21,000 each last year on renovation works including solar panels and other energy improvements.
New figures show that some €149 million was spent in Donegal on overall repairs, maintenance and improvements, both domestic and commercial, in 2015.
The national spend in the renovations sector was €4.2 billion.
The home improvements sector was partly fuelled by the Home Renovation Incentive (HRI) introduced by the Government in late 2013. The scheme was introduced to help householders reduce their energy costs by using tax-compliant tradespeople rather than black market operators.
A total of € 7.74 million was spent on over 368 projects by homeowners in Donegal at an average spend of €21,033 per project, figures from the Construction Industry Federation reveal.
The organisation said the HRI, which was extended to rentals in 2014, was a "huge incentive" to the legitimate construction contractors.
CIF regional director, Justin Molloy said: “The repair, maintenance and improvement (RMI) sector has been growing strongly over the last number of years and now accounts for over €1 in €3 spent in the wider construction industry.
“As our economy continues to recover, coupled with the continued population growth, the repair maintenance and improvement sector of the construction industry will continue to expand ensuring continued investment in the upkeep of the Ireland’s physical infrastructure."
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