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Three new directors for Donegal education board 21.09.16

DONEGAL Education and Training Board (Donegal ETB) has announced the appointment of three new directors following a national recruitment campaign.
Dr Martin Gormley has been appointed director of schools; Jim McGlynn has been named director of organisation support and development and Cróna Gallagher has received the appointment of director of further education and training.
All three have long-standing careers including teaching and administrative roles within the Donegal ETB (formerly Donegal VEC). Chief executive Anne McHugh said: "The three director posts will further enhance our provision and delivery of a quality education and training service. It is great news for Donegal ETB and for the county, particularly now following the Government’s recent launch of its Action Plan for Education to make the Irish education and training service the best in Europe by 2026. We look forward to playing our part to help achieve the aims of the plan and to making the education and training service in Co Donegal the best that it can be.”
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