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Donegal charities at risk of reputation damage - Regulator 31.03.16

CHARITIES in Co Donegal are being urged to get registered as soon as possible or risk damage to their reputations and finances.
An estimated 303 charities operate in the county and while about half have engaged with the Charities Regulator only 62 have completed their details on the Public Register of Charities. Every charity in the country must be registered by Saturday, April 16, 2016.
“Charities have had over a year to complete their details and file their first annual report with us and time is nearly up," said Charities Regulator head of registration and reporting Eamon O’Halloran.
"We recognise that registration may seem daunting especially to smaller charities, so we have simplified the process. We have a dedicated team here in the office to help by email, through our website and over the phone.
The Charities Regulator was established in October 2014. Its vision “is for a vibrant, trusted charity sector that is valued for the public benefit it provides”.
It said trust and confidence "are qualities that are hard earned and easily lost".
Trust of charities by the Irish general public "remains fragile". A recent survey conducted by Amárach Research for Fundraising Ireland found that over half of respondents had no opinion or didn’t trust charities to some degree.
All registered charities will be placed on the Public Register of Charities which provides details of who they are, what they are set up to do, and who is responsible for running the organisation. For more information see www.charitiesregulatoryauthority.ie .
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