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Crash warning as deer rut begins 28.09.16

DONEGAL drivers are being warned of the risk of collisions as the deer rutting season begins.
Autumn is the deer mating season and the danger of accidents, particularly during the morning and evening commute, increases as the animals come out to feed on roadside grass verges
Motorists are urged to drive within the speed limit so as to avoid colliding with the animals.
"In wooded areas in particular, there may be very little warning before one or several deer appear on the road in front of oncoming vehicles.
"Even at low speed they can cause considerable damage to a vehicle and potentially cause life-threatening injuries to the driver and their passengers," said a Donegal County Council spokesperson.
Deer crossing road signs are located in areas known to contain deer population - but are not official crossing points for deer.
The council issued the following advice:
Reduce speed at deer warning signs and stay alert; prepare to stop and never swerve as you could hit another vehicle; don't approach an injured deer; if a collision occurs, report it to gardaí as the animal may be fatally injured and suffering.
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