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Daniel fans queue up to sleep in his bed 23.05.16

DANIEL O'Donnell fans are queuing up to sleep in a guesthouse bed their idol slept in – and even want to know what side of the mattress he spent the night on.
Anne Sheerin shot to fame last year when the Donegal singer (54) and his wife Majella (56) stayed at her B&B in Tulsk, Co Roscommon, as part of their new travel show.
An hilarious video of the overwhelmed host went viral as people enjoyed her anxious wait for the crooner to arrive at the door as she excitedly exclaimed: "Wow, he’s here!"
Ms Sheerin revealed she has now named the luxury bedroom after Daniel with his super-fans booking years in advance to sleep in the same bed.
"I actually got a phone-call this morning booking for December 2018 all because of Daniel," a delighted Ms Sheerin said as she joined the O'Donnells on the 'The Ray D'Arcy Show' on Saturday night.
"When (guests) call me they just want to know where was Daniel and Majella's room - so I take them to the 'Daniel and Majella Suite' at Anne's B&B," she said.
"And (when) you take them to the suite, they say 'which side of the bed did Daniel sleep on?' she laughed, adding, "how do I know which side of the bed Daniel slept on?"
A clearly amused but discreet Daniel told her he slept on "whatever side Anne says".
The B&B host (59) has enjoyed a whirlwind 12 months since she hosted the popular couple and said it has been the "best year of (her) life”.
The O'Donnells, who have just returned from a relaxing four-month world cruise, appeared with Ray D'Arcy to promote the second series of Daniel and Majella's B&B Road Trip.
Filming is set to begin on the new series early next month.
Meanwhile, Daniel also announced details of the inaugural RTE Irish Country Music Awards, to be hosted by him on June 24.
Some of Ireland's top country acts will perform live at the Irish Country Music Awards including Nathan Carter, Big Tom McBride, Derek Ryan and Mike Denver.
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