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Shear delight as Star Wars comes to Burt 25.05.15

A campaign to increase awareness of childhood cancer will get some impressive help in Donegal next weekend, when the magnificent Emerald Garrison visit the All Ireland and International Sheep Shearing Championships in Burt on May 31.
Ireland's largest independent Star Wars costuming club has just announced a charity partnership with Childhood Cancer Foundation and have attended a number of their events in 2014.
Emerald Garrison members pictured with some children from the Childhood Cancer Foundation at the recent launch of their charity partnership.
The famed Star Wars costuming club - that brings together enthusiasts from all over the world - visited the county during an Easter 'eggstravaganza' in Oakfield Park last year.
“We are thrilled that Emerald Garrison are coming along to the Sheep Shearing Championships where we are hosting an awareness stand over the weekend. They were really a storm-trooping success when they came to Raphoe and we are certain that they will create a massive buzz in Burt as well,” said Childhood Cancer Foundation spokeswoman Maura Toner.
Maura, who lives on Inch Island and whose eight-year old daughter Emer is in remission from stage 4 neuroblastoma, added that while the visit of the Star Wars characters will add to the interest, the main focus for Childhood Cancer Foundation over the weekend is to raise awareness about childhood cancer at their stand.
Maura explained that childhood cancer is very different to adult cancer and is often faster-spreading, requiring aggressive treatments that can have a devastating effect on young bodies.
“Radiation and chemotherapy can cause life-long issues ranging from cognitive deficits that require special assistance at school to cardiac damage that requires lifelong monitoring," she added.
More than 200 children are diagnosed with cancer each year in Ireland and it is the biggest cause of death by disease in Irish children.
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