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There's snow in them thar Donegal hills 02.02.15

by Linda McGrory

IT'S the snow that movies are made of.
The snow that epic movies are made of - not Irish slushy muck but the snow that makes you feel like you've just stepped on a Troika* (more later) and landed on the set of Doctor Zhivago.
Inishowen hardly got enough snowmen to field a five-a-side the year, but if this keeps going, we might get a whole GAA team.
Greencastle (I might as well start at my own front door) and other parts of Inishowen (I think, but I can't get through to my mammy in Buncrana to ask) were taken by surprise this morning as monumentally large snowflakes began to fall, and fall, and fall.
"Did you know it was going to snow? I asked the neighbour incredulously. "What did RTE give?"
Note to self: get the outside of the house painted before the epic snow of the movies falls next year.
Because movie snow bathes everything in a soft, white, and, very unforgiving light.
Don't go out without the foundation, women, whatever you do.
Greencastle in a snowglobe: A pristine duvet of snow caught the residents of east Inishowen (and other parts maybe) by surprise this morning.
After weeks of hearing about frosty nights and cool days and the odd bit of sleet, and all that hail, Mary, you become kind of complacent because it's not really snow, is it?
It's just a Donegal winter. We might have some, literally, cool landmarks like Sliabh Sneacht; the North Pole and (ear) Muff. But do we ever really feel like we're inside a snowglobe?
But alas, I see the thaw is on (must see what RTE gives).
Still snow men for a five-a-side.
And hark... is that the sound of the Troika trampling over them thar Donegal hills? Guess we'll need an epic medic to cure our ills or maybe a great investigator like Inspector Morse aka... John Thaw.

*Troika: Oxford English Dictionary definition: A Russian vehicle pulled by a team of three horses abreast.
*Troika: Donegal definition: them feckers that drove in and robbed the country blind.
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