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Inishowen is a world destination - travel guru 23.11.15

GLOBAL adventurer Simon Reeve has discovered Inishowen and ranks it equal to any of the world's greatest locations.
"Don’t tell people but (Ireland) is jaw-droppingly beautiful. The landscapes in the inner Inishowen peninsula in the north for example, which is just a short drive from Derry, stand muster with anywhere I’ve been in the world," he said.
The globetrotting TV star, who has explored some of the most far-flung places on earth, can be seen in 'Ireland with Simon Reeve' which continues next Sunday on BBC2.
He toured north and south and east to west for the new two-part series last summer - grappling with pre-held stereotypes along the way.
"I was incredibly surprised by the place. And certainly I had stereotypes and clichés," he told 'Radio Times'.
"I suppose I thought (Ireland) would be more cut-off, more reserved, more conservative, more conventionally backward," he said.
Ireland with Simon Reeve. Photo: BBC.
"The decline in the faith in the church is a major change in the Republic. People said to us from the very beginning: 'We’re thinking for ourselves now',” he added.
Reeve (43) added: "Things have really shifted. And that's not just some muppet TV presenter’s idiot observation. The number of people going to mass has plummeted. The Irish are still a people of faith but they’re not obeying the strictures of the church as they did in the past – and you’ve seen that obviously with the fact that they’ve become the first country in the world to vote in a popular referendum for equal marriage.”
But he admitted that there is one Irish stereotype he could not dispel - and that's our relationship with booze.
"I’m sorry to go with the stereotype on that because I like to overturn them. But it is true: the Irish like a drink, they like a giggle, they tell a good tale," he said.
'Ireland with Simon Reeve' continues on BBC 2 on Sunday, November 29 at 8pm.
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