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Silage compliance "very high" 20.10.15

An enforcement blitz by Donegal County Council waste officers in the border counties this summer revealed a "very high" level of compliance among retailers selling silage wrap, the local authority has said.
The initiative saw over 30 inspections carried out including many in Donegal. The law requires retailers to charge a recycling levy of €2.35 per roll of wrap they sell.
Waste Regulations Officer with Donegal County Council Dearn McClintock said there was an increasing trend among silage contractors to move away from supplying wrap to customers.
“However, it was considered that the current strength of sterling was a significant contributory factor to high compliance this year. This is because illegal traders in the south, who usually source their product north of the border, found it difficult to acquire product at the right price this year,” said Mr McClintock.
Border enforcement officers working with the Irish Farm Film Producers Group (IFFPG) visited wrap retailers throughout the border region between May and July to ensure they were charging the recycling levy.
The levy is used by IFFPG to fund the recycling of the plastic after it is used. The blitz saw agri-merchants and silage contractors targeted in counties Leitrim, Cavan, Monaghan, Louth as well as Donegal. In the case of some inspections, Revenue officials accompanied council officers to ensure that retailers were VAT compliant.
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