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Road safety group issues Christmas message 15.12.15

THE Donegal Road Safety Working Group has issued its Christmas message and are urging people in the county to 'Never, Ever Drink and Drive'.
Motorists are also being warned that a lot to drink the night before could lead to a blood alcohol level in excess of the legal limit next morning.
If you are detected driving without a seatbelt or using a mobile phone you can be tested for the presence of alcohol.
Figures show that one-in-ten motorists or 284,000 have admitted to consuming alcohol before driving in the past 12 months.
The figures were revealed at the launch of the annual Christmas and New Year Road Safety Campaign by the RSA and the Gardai.
The majority of the arrests were male and nearly half of those arrests occurred on a Saturday or Sunday. Of those over the limit, more than half were between 20-39 years of age.
"While the number of people admitting to drink driving is very high it is important to acknowledge that a large majority of motorists in Ireland choose not to drink and drive," the working group said in a statement.
"However there is still a lot to do to completely eliminate drink driving from our society. Any amount of alcohol impairs driving.
"This is not an opinion, itís a fact. So if you are heading to an office party or socialising over the Christmas and New Year period, make sure you plan ahead. Leave the keys at home, book a taxi or designate a driver."
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