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30 family home repossessions ordered in Donegal 21.08.15

THERE is "alarm" at new figures showing there were 35 repossession orders granted in Donegal with 30 of these related to the primary family home in the first half of the year.
Deputy Charlie McConalogue also revealed that court proceedings had been initiated in a further 132 cases over the same period with 110 of these tied to the family home.
“These figures are quite alarming. Dozens of families are being dragged through the courts by the banks while many have already lost their home.
This is only adding to the housing crisis facing Donegal and many other parts of the country. The repossessions we’re witnessing here and in other regions are undermining the social fabric of our communities," said the local Fianna Fáil TD.
“Repossession should be the last possible resort a financial institution turns to. But this government’s strategy has been to leave the banks in the driving seat and stack the deck against families who have fallen into arrears but want a sustainable way to keep their home and enter into process to resolve their situation." He said just one of the 132 proceedings lodged in Letterkenny in the first half of the year related to a buy-to-let mortgage.
"The overwhelming majority are primary residents, which means dozens more families could soon be added to the social housing list in Donegal," he added.
Meanwhile he said a record 2,472 households are now on the social housing waiting list in Donegal - an almost 50% rise in two years.
He said there are "at least" 4,300 people now on Donegal's social housing list, including families with dependents.
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