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Irish granny is instant celebrity with Chinese food quip 29.05.15

A LONDON-Irish granny has become an instant celebrity with a hilarious internet clip about a trip to the Chinese restaurant with her family.
Kathleen McDermott (88), or Nanny Mack as she’s affectionately known, is asked by son Kevin if she enjoyed her meal of chicken balls.
The plucky pensioner disputes that she would even try such a dish, thinking it was more ‘Bushtucker Trial’ than the battered and deep-friend Chinese favourite it actually is.
And in a one-liner worthy of any top comic, she quips: "Chickens don't have balls!"
She goes on to explain that the males of the species, however, do.
Expletives warning:
Love my nan xx

Chickens don't have balls

Posted by Sian Mack on Friday, 30 January 2015
The video, posted on Facebook by Kathleen's grand-daughter Sian McDermott (25) has gone viral and has been viewed almost 700,000 times.
"When I first put it up, my friends saw it and started sharing it. Within a few days it had thousands and thousands of views but it resurfaced again recently and it just hasn't stopped," said Sian.
Kathleen - nee McNally – emigrated from Longford Town to London more than 60 years ago. The divorcee raised six sons at her flat in Bermondsey, London, sometimes working three jobs to make ends meet.
She has 21 adoring grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.
Sian says she was urged to set up a special Facebook page due to popular demand for her granny, who is bemused by all the attention.
People have dubbed her “a legend” who should have her own television show.
"Nanny Mack is a real character. She’s very funny and has always been a huge hit with all our friends," added Sian.
She said a complete stranger recently shouted out the hilarious one-liner when they saw her granny on the street.
"We might even get some T-shirts printed up with 'chickens don't have balls' on them," laughed Sian.
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