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NASA astronaut touches down in Donegal 30.03.15

A former US astronaut who piloted the space shuttle Challenger has touched down in his ancestral Co Donegal. Captain Jon A. McBride (71) was in the county to learn more about his roots.
Former NASA astronaut Jon A. McBride gives a presentation at Abbey Vocational School in Donegal Town.
During his visit, he gave a presentation to excited school children about his career with NASA.
The West Virginian also visited Donegal Parish Church in Donegal Town. The ex-fighter pilot's visit to the North West was co-hosted over the weekend by his friend, Church of Ireland Bishop, Ken Good.
The former US naval officer, who piloted Challenger on its second last mission, visited some of Co Donegalís best-known attractions and was presented with a county crest by Donegal County Council chairman, Cllr John Campbell.
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