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Owners of 'crumbling' homes urged to register 30.11.15

MICA Action Group (MAG) has welcomed the announcement that an expert group will be set up shortly to investigate problems that have emerged in the concrete blockwork of scores of dwellings in Donegal and Mayo.
The expert group is similar to that formed to investigate the pyrite issue in Leinster.
MAG - which already has 250 homeowners registered - is now calling on all homeowners in Donegal who think they may be affected by the defective blocks issue to register as soon as possible.
Joint secretary Ann Owens said: "Whilst MAG has been calling on the Government for more than 18 months to set up this expert panel, this is a huge step forward with a definite commitment from Minister Coffey and Minister Joe McHugh and a timeline put in place for the process.
"The selection of the chair is underway and the remit of the panel is to establish, the number of affected dwellings in Donegal and Mayo, the root cause of the problems and the technical solutions for remediation."
Mica Action Group committee member Damien McCauley who had to undertake significant remedial works to his home.
A report is due to be submitted to the Minister of State by May 31, 2016.
MAG has also requested to work closely with this expert panel to ensure that what the homeowners have learned and the "harrowing and stressful" conditions under which homeowners are living on a daily basis, is accurately conveyed.
"It is also imperative that we learn from the pyrite case and ensure that this process does not drag on for years. This luxury of time, we simply do not have," Ms Owens said.
"We must remember that this is families we are talking about - possibly averaging at least 1000 people thus far that are affected. However, this number is increasing all the time. We still do not know the extent of the problem in the county." If you think you are affected please register at www.surveymonkey.com or contact the Mica Action Group on www.facebook.com .
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