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Margo 'laid up' with dodgy disc 03.12.15

DONEGAL country queen Margo has revealed she had to pull out of a concert this week due to an agonising back problem.
The singer (64) is currently laid up with a dodgy disc thatís pressing on her sciatic nerve.
She was due to be the star guest at the Northern Sound concert in Cavan earlier this week where she was to be presented with a 'Living Legend' award.
Luckily, singer pal Sandy Kelly was able to stand-in for the Kincasslagh-born star so the show could go on.
"I have been laid up since last Tuesday with a disc resting on a sciatic nerve. I never thought the pain could be so bad," said Margo.
She said a physiotherapist has been calling to her home to treat the ailment.
"This is something that will take its time to get right. No jogging for me until 2016," she quipped on her official Facebook page.
The singer, who recently celebrated 50 years in showbiz, said she was very disappointed not to be able to collect her award but looked forward to receiving it at a future date.
Margo has been inundated with well-wishes from fans - with some telling her they could relate to her excruciating condition as it's the "worst pain ever"
One fan said he had had to have a disc removed due to the same complaint.
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