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‘Queen of Country’ Margo to exit stage after 50 years 19.01.15

DONEGAL country legend Margo O’Donnell has announced she is exiting the stage after an astonishing 50 years in showbiz.
As her brother Daniel (53) prepares for his much-publicised break from music, Margo (63) revealed she will “step back” from performing as her milestone anniversary draws to a close.
"I feel I want to take a step back from performing after my show (in) August at the INEC in Killarney, Co Kerry.
"I have had a great career and I have achieved all that I want to so I will now follow God’s plan as best as I can but as everybody knows, who is involved in music, the word retirement does not take place,” she told fans on her website.
Margo added: "I just have three concerts during 2015 and I look forward to those. The music business has changed a lot since I started back in 1964 but I am glad to say my songs are still in great demand 50 years on."
The singer announced her plans as Daniel looks forward to his 18-month sabbatical beginning in earnest in mid-February.
The Donegal siblings endured a tough 2014 with the loss of their beloved mother Julia (94) in May.
Margo also revealed she suffered a heart attack due to a build-up of stress and anxiety brought on by her mum's passing.
Meanwhile, Daniel supported wife Majella (54) as she continued to recover from breast cancer last year including a double mastectomy in February.
Daniel and Majella are currently escaping Ireland’s winter chill at their villa on the sunny isle of Tenerife.
Meanwhile, Margo whose autobiography was published last year, said she may still continue to write songs with her music partner.
"The good Lord gave me my voice and career and it is him who brings down the final curtain, so expect to see and hear Margo in time to come and thanks for all the happiness you my fans have given me," she said.
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