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Lung cancer fears for Irish women 13.01.15

IRISH women have among the highest incidence of lung cancer and lung cancer deaths in Europe, a new report shows.
The National Cancer Registry of Ireland report shows that lung cancer deaths here are 34 per cent higher than the EU average. The disease accounts for 18 per cent of cancer deaths in Irish women.
The Irish Cancer Society today launched its Lung Cancer Awareness Month. It said the disease is Ireland’s fourth most common cancer with 2,175 cases diagnosed in 2011.
It was by far the single most common cause of cancer death in Ireland during 2010-2012 with approximately 1,800 deaths annually.
Irish Cancer Society health promotion manager Kevin O’Hagan said: “As 90 per cent of lung cancer is attributed to smoking, giving up smoking is the single most important thing any smoker can do to reduce their risk of cancer."
He encouraged smokers to avail of the supports available to them to quit including calling the HSE Quit Team on 1800 201 203, getting support from www.quit.ie or speaking to a doctor or pharmacist.

Symptoms of lung cancer include:
A persistent cough
Shortness of breath
Repeated chest infections even after antibiotics
Coughing up blood-stained phlegm
Chest pain when you cough or breathe in
Feeling more tired than usual
Unexplained weight loss
Hoarseness or problems swallowing
Swelling in the face or neck
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