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Donegal JobsPlus attracts 43 young workers 11.08.15

A TOTAL of 43 young jobseekers in County Donegal have benefited from the JobsPlus scheme since its introduction in July 2013, according to the National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI)
However, based on the latest figures from the Department of Social Protection, up to 1,752 young jobseekers in the county could but aren't taking advantage of the scheme, the organisation said.
NYCI deputy director James Doorley explained that an employer is paid €7,500 over a two-year period if they keep in employment a young person under 25 years of age. The young person must be unemployed for at least four of the previous six months and in receipt of a Jobseekers payment from the Department of Social Protection.
"The employer must offer full-time employment of at least 30 hours per week over at least four days per week.”
However, Mr Doorley said many people are not aware of incentives for employers who take on young workers.
“We encourage young jobseekers who are signing on the live register for four months or more to check with the Department of Social Protection if they are eligible for the JobsPlus scheme. If they are, then we advise them to make potential employers aware of the benefits available to them. Likewise, we would encourage employers to investigate the opportunities and supports available to them if they recruit young people," he added.
More details at www.welfare.ie .
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