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1,239 JobBridge interns in Donegal 12.03.15

SOME 1,239 Donegal people have participated in JobBridge to date with 223 interns currently enrolled, a new report shows.
The report published by the National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI) reveals that while 57 per cent are satisfied with their internship, only 27 per cent secure full time employment after it.
The report suggests that "significant reform" is needed to enhance the experience of participants and increase their progression into secure employment.
NYCI deputy director and the study's author James Doorley said: “The scheme has been the subject of much political debate, public comment and press attention. However, we wanted to get behind the headlines and engage directly with the real experts , that is, the participants on the scheme themselves.”
There have been 36,434 participants in scheme so far - of whom 10,125 were under 25 years of age up to January 2015.
Meanwhile, some 376 employers or organisations have taken on 10 or more interns.
A further 45 per cent of the 65,686 JobBridge positions advertised have never been filled.
Other data shows that 41 per cent said they were treated like other team members while 22 per cent said they were not
There was a 100 per cent dissatisfaction rating among those who were compelled to participate by the Department of Social Protection.
Among the NYCI's key recommendations include a full analysis to determine the real contribution of the scheme to employment and employability.
It also recommends restricting the scheme to sectors where progression to employment is high. It also says the Department should double the existing top up payment from €50 to €100 per week.
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