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It's Murphy's Law for top Irish surnames 30.07.15

IT'S still Murphy's Law when it comes to the top Irish surnames.
The number crunchers at the Central Statistics Office compiled a list of Ireland's most popular surnames for the first time this year.
The figures show that Murphy is still Ireland's most common surname - a trend that remains unchanged for more than 100 years.
Donegal GAA football captain Michael Murphy carries the country's most common surname.
That other quintessentially Irish surname, Kelly, comes a close second followed by Byrne and Ryan.
The top 10 list was compiled using the surnames of babies registered here in 2014.
It shows that 767 babies were registered with the surname Murphy followed by Kelly (633); Byrne (552); Ryan (527) and O'Brien (489).
The top 10 is completed by Walsh (475); O'Sullivan (472); O'Connor (441); Doyle (323) and McCarthy (321).
Surnames falling just outside the top 10 include O'Neill (302); Lynch (277) and O'Reilly (268).
There were 67,462 live births registered in 2014.
Meanwhile, Jack and Emily were the most popular babies’ names registered here in 2014. Jack kept the top position it has held every year since 2007 while Emily retained the number one spot it first claimed in 2011.
An analysis of the figures also reveal the most common first names chosen for Irish babies when classified by their parents' nationality.
It shows that Jack and Emily were the most commonly picked names when both parents were Irish or when the mother was Irish and the father was from the UK.
When both parents were UK-born, Charlie, Daniel, Finn and Jack were among the most popular boys' names with Emily tops again for baby girls in this category.
When both parents were from the newest EU states, the most common forenames were David or Jakub for a boy and Julia for a girl.
Parents from nations outside the EU, most commonly chose Muhammad for a boy and Maya for a girl, the statistics show.

Do you feature in the Top 20 Irish surnames?
1. Murphy 767
2. Kelly 633
3. Byrne 552
4. Ryan 527
5. O'Brien 489
6. Walsh 475
7. O'Sullivan 472
8. O'Connor 441
9. Doyle 323
10. McCarthy 321
11. O'Neill 302
12. Lynch 277
13. O'Reilly 268
14. Dunne 250
15. McDonagh 226
16. Brennan 223
17. Fitzgerald 222
18. Daly 215
19. Kavanagh 212
20. Nolan 212
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