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Donegal three bed semi-detached now €75,000 20.04.15

THE average price of a three bedroom semi-detached house in Co Donegal has risen by 3.45% to €75,000 in the first three months of 2015, according to a national survey carried out by Real Estate Alliance.
The Real Estate Alliance Average house index concentrates on Ireland's typical stock home, the three-bed semi, giving a picture of the property market in towns and cities countrywide.
It shows that it now takes seven weeks to sell the average house in Bundoran, compared to 12 weeks in September 2014. The rise in sterling has been a contributory factor in a 7.69% rise in prices in the first three months of the year to an average of €70,000.
“The affordable end of the market is extremely busy with strong demand for homes priced up to €100,000,” said Michael McElhinney from REA McElhinney in Bundoran.
“We see a shortage of supply at this end but the market remains quite buoyant and this is reflecting the sterling exchange rate.”
Paul McElhinney from the Milford office said: “There is still strong interest in three bed semis, with our average price at €80,000, and although supply has eased up, there is still a steady stream and demand has kept pace.
“As a result prices are stabilised rather than rising although over the course of the year we may see a slight increase.”
The average semi detached house nationally, including Dublin, now costs €187,153, the survey found.
Meanwhile, over the past six months, property price rise rates in the rest of the country have more than trebled that of the capital.
There have been significant increases in Carlow (7.50%) Kilkenny City (7.41%), Waterford City (5%) and Wexford (8%) in the first quarter, the survey showed.
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