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Nine lobsters ‘liberated’ from Chinese restaurant 11.05.15

NINE lobsters have been set free after being "liberated" from a Dublin restaurant following a daring weekend operation by animal rights activists.
Members of the National Animal Rights Association (NARA) swooped on 'Ka Shing' Chinese restaurant as the busy Friday evening rush got underway about 7.30pm.
A number of the activists fished the nine lobsters out of the tank, which is situated at the entrance to the Wicklow Street premises before putting them into bags and quickly exiting the eatery.
The lobsters were taken to Clontarf where they were released into the sea after rubber bands were removed from their claws.
The lightening-flash restaurant raid, which was over in seconds, was captured on video by NARA.
The group later posted footage on YouTube where it has been getting many messages of support and is quickly going viral.
NARA spokeswoman Laura Broxson said: "Would you boil a cat or dog alive? No. So why do people think it's ok to do this to a lobster? They feel pain. They feel fear. They suffer. Yet, over 20 million lobsters are killed in this way every year. How is it still legal?"
Ms Broxson said the group had handed in leaflets outlining their concerns to the restaurant's management some weeks ago, but had received no response.
A spokesman for Ka Shing, one of Dublin’s longest established Chinese restaurants, confirmed that the incident took place as the premises became busy with diners on Friday evening.
He said that some of the activists pretended to look for a table to distract staff from their real motive.
He said when it was discovered the lobsters were gone, he and another staff member gave chase down the street to try and retrieve them.
"It was quite a wet night but they were wearing runners and we were wearing proper shoes so we couldn't catch them,” he said.
“When I saw what happened I just couldn't let them do a thing like that.
The restaurant spokesman said the incident had been reported to gardaí who have been looking at the premises’ CCTV footage.
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