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DIY priest gives guardian angel "a well earned rest" 09.02.15

A PARISH priest who fell through a roof while doing repairs has vowed to give his "overworked guardian angel" a well-earned rest.
Culdaff-born Fr Paddy O'Kane who serves in Holy Family parish, Ballymagroarty, Derry, tumbled 14 feet to the ground as he attempted to fix a hole in a flat roof. It is understood he crashed through the ceiling, hitting his head on impact.
He was rushed to the local Altnagelvin Hospital with his injuries and was kept in for several days. He is now on the mend at home.
He joked that he went to fix one hole and ended up making two more - a bigger one in the roof and one in his head.
"Letís face it, roofing is not my strong point. From now on I will leave it to the professionals. Iíll stick to the much safer pastoral duties as a priest on terra firma and let my overworked guardian angel take a well earned rest," he told mass-goers via the parish newsletter yesterday.
Prayers were said throughout the cross-border Derry diocese after the popular priest's accident last weekend.
Fr O'Kane, who is in his 60s and a former Moville P.P., thanked the nurses and doctors who treated him.
He said he felt blessed not to have suffered a more serious injury and said his hospital stay made him realise the value of friendship.
Fr Paddy O'Kane who is on the mend after falling through a roof and hitting his head.
"Thank you, one and all, from the bottom of my heart. I have never felt so loved and cherished. Sometimes it takes an incident like this to make us realise the goodness of others, the value of friendship and how much people care," he added.
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