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Fire chief in gorse fire appeal 17.04.15

DONEGAL County Council is appealing to land owners and members of the public to exercise caution during the current dry spell to prevent gorse, heather, and forestry fires.
The local authority warned that out-of-control fires had the potential to put lives at risk and threatened wildlife and wildlife habitats.
Acting chief fire officer Joseph McTaggart said: "The weather is favourable for gorse, hill and forestry fires and we are urging landowners and members of the public not to engage in activities that could contribute to wildfires.
"We are asking householders living in areas prone to wildfires to cut back any vegetation in the vicinity of their house so as to protect their home from becoming involved in a wildfire."
Donegal firefighter in action.
The Council said tinder conditions currently existed with undergrowth in the county now "extremely dry".
"Fires are likely to spread rapidly and get out of control causing unnecessary damage and putting houses, property and possibly life at risk.
"These fires also interfere with wildlife habitat, breeding and nesting and, in many cases, can decimate the local wildlife population," the Council said in a statement.
The local authority urged people to be vigilant and to report any uncontrolled or unattended fires immediately to the Fire Service by calling 999 or 112.
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