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Donegal Fire Service issues log burner warning 18.03.15

DONEGAL Fire Service has urged caution after a number of fires involving the popular multi-fuel stoves.
The local fire service said it had noticed a rise in fires, some serious, involving the burners in domestic dwellings around the county.
The stoves became hugely popular across Ireland during the recession as householders tried to reduce their reliance on oil heating.
Donegal Fire Service said accidental fires involving the stoves may be due to incorrect installation or lack of ongoing maintenance.
It said fires could be avoided by following several common sense, practical steps, particularly when installing and maintaining multi-fuel stoves.
"In particular this is the case with respect to retro fitting of these heating appliances to existing homes where metal flues or similar are fitted to run through existing construction or are enclosed in timber stud and plasterboard construction," Donegal Fire Service said in a statement this afternoon.
"A minimum separation distance must be maintained from the flue to any combustible construction, to prevent ignition through radiant heat.
"If you intend to have a stove installed, please ensure that you employ a competent person and that the appliance is installed in accordance with Technical Guidance Document Part J of the Building Regulations.
"These regulations also require that carbon monoxide detectors are provided in the room where the appliance is situated and in any room in which the flue passes through."
The statement added: "If your stove is used every day, the flue or chimney may need to be cleaned more than once a year depending on the type of fuel burned. A competent person should be employed to ensure that this is done properly as a build-up of soot particles is a common cause of chimney/flue fires."
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